At Titan Rigging “Your Safety Is Our Business”. No job work site, no mater if it is a factory, theater, convention center or arena, is important enough to risk an injury when conditions are unsafe. Nothing puts a damper on a good days work at an event like an accident. The investment in equipment and property also has to be kept safe for proper return on investment.

The majority of accidents with hoists and rigging can be avoided with proper training and implementation of a safety program. Make sure you are doing the job right. Titan Rigging always evaluates each site and situation and follows strict safety procedures to provide the safest work place environment possible.

Preventative Safety

Do your periodic and frequent inspection for all equipment above and below the hook. Document that you have had your inspections done. Make sure you are following industry standards, government regulations and manufacture instructions. You should strive to be a leader in your industry in for “Safety Best Business Practices”

To put it simply “There Is No Substitute For Safety”

Operational Safety

Know your equipment. What it can and can't do. Know the limits of your facility. Make sure your operators have been properly trained. Recognize when you see that someone is not working correctly or safely. When using the equipment make sure if is still up to original manufacture specifications. Look for the obvious above and below the hook, bent, cracked, rusted, leaking, sounds wrong, etc. When using a hoist in any industry, a failure can have life changing results. Don't use bad equipment even if it has not been tagged out of service.

Corrective Safety

When it is not right don't do it. Get it fixed and certified if needed. Again don't use bad equipment even if it has not been locked or tagged out. There are documented accidents because someone assumed that they knew better than the manufacture. Using unsafe equipment is not worth the risk of injury or a life altering event.